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Max Group Size



2-6 Hours


$20 / person


The City’s Streets are your Playground! 

Our KAMAPALA Treasure Hunt takes your team on an exciting journey through the nation’s great capital, exploring the history and sights of this Historic city of seven hills .

We meet you at a pre-determined location. Whether it’s your offices, a hotel, conference centre, pub, restaurant , we can start the Treasure Hunt from any location.

You will receive a briefing from your event manager and each team will be issued with envelopes that have instructions . The envelopes are loaded with instructions that allows teams to navigate around the city answering a variety of questions and completing various challenges.

Teams will plot their route based their city knowledge or knowledge of the driver , each of which hosts a different challenge. These might include general knowledge questions, location based questions, photo challenges and a list of items that your team has to retrieve.

You may also have to find a couple of our characters during your journey. Once found, these characters will give you additional tasks for bonus points. Kampala is full of characters though so keep your wits about you!

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