Importance, benefits and purpose of team building in Uganda

Team building activities provide skills, training and resources to your team. They create a harmonious team environment. To be effective, activities must be held regularly. If they are a part of your culture, your workplace continues to benefit.

We organise team building activities for many reasons and many teams. Some are standalone activities at the end of the work week. (These increase team bonding and motivation.) Other activities can be held during a conference. (This will get people networking.)

Some activities provide learning and development. They focus on specific objectives and outcomes increasing the purpose of team building activities.

We are get asked:

• Why are team building activities important?

• What is the goal of team building activities?

• What is the importance of teamwork?

• What can you learn from team building activities?

• How can I convince my boss that we need a team building activity?

• How do I explain the benefits of team building activities?

• What is the purpose of team building activities?

Importance of team building activities

  • • Team building activities should be an ongoing part of your corporate culture. When they are a one-off annual event they don’t have as many benefits. Team building offers learning in a fun stress-free environment. The benefits of team building activities are:
  • I) to the employee
    II) to the whole company.

• Colleagues can start to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Key learning objectives are identified for team building activities. These can then be transferred to roles and tasks back at work.

• During team building activities many people step out of their comfort zones. They take on roles that they wouldn’t normally do in the office. (Such as leadership.) Managers may be surprised to see how people perform in different roles. A quiet worker can have a lot to contribute. Or a leader may not listen to another’s point of view. These points illustrate the importance of team building activities.

• Many companies focus on making the client happy. This is a good thing as our clients are important! But we can’t forget to focus on our other valuable asset: staff. Well-chosen and planned activities boost morale. Your business performance is also boosted.

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